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1. No need to change your existing production processes – just upload your PDF.

2. We use the latest in open standards like HTML5 so all browsers can view your content.

3. Its a 100% hosted solution – you don’t need teams of in house developers, expensive server hosting and delivery charges or months of lead time to get to market

4. Market leading interactive features:

  • full social media integration
  • deep linking
  • active web links viewable within the application
  • in built search functionality
  • bookmarking for easy access to favourite articles
  • high quality, full screen video
  • audio
  • animations
  • dynamic feeds e.g. Twitter timelines

Use your own Domain Name.

  • Additionally a single Domain Name like app.yourname.com could be used for marketing purposes. This Url displays the best version of our application to suit the device you’re on.

A Web version of your title accessible via Mac and PC

An iPad app version of your title in Apples Appstore (Newsstand if require)

An iPhone app version of your title in Apples Appstore (Newsstand if require)

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